The clash of the mighty titans: Pictures vs Words

We’ve all heard the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Its origin can be traced back to a very similar expression, written more than a century ago, in a 1911 newspaper article.

Today, when social media allows us to share and interact with each other easier than ever before, this saying is even more relevant. There’s no wonder about that, since it’s been proven time and time again, that our brain is wired in a way that makes visual imagery (photographs, diagrams or animations) much easy to absorb and interpret.

So it’s no surprise that the famous stock photo agency, Getty Images, decided to put together an editorial on how to efficiently harness the true potential of this fast link with your audience.

Win-with-imagesImage Source:

You can rightfully call Getty’s article biased, since it’s in the writer’s best interest to generate more image sales, but I still believe you can find some good pointers in there for designing engaging marketing campaigns.


Incoming World Cup goodies

There are just a few more days left before the start of FIFA World Cup 2014, hosted this year by Brazil. Since it’s “the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world”, according to Wikipedia, I thought it might be really useful, to all the football fans and their clients, to prepare a compilation of design resources, infographics and tutorials about this highly acclaimed competition.

World Cup Official Logo Designs – from the inaugural tournament, held by Uruguay in 1930, all the way to present day


Image Source:

World Cup Official Mascots – they’ve only showed up on the “catwalk” starting with Willie in England (1966), but then they’ve been a constant presence, including this year’s Fuleco


Image Source:

World Cup Infographics – plentfy of history, statistics and trivia


Image Source:

World Cup Flag Icon Sets – lots of different flag shapes, sizes and styles


Image Source: Javiero Casio

World Cup Design Resources – fonts, vector illustrations, icons and tutorials


Image Source:

Enjoy the matches and GO SOCCEROOS !!!

New logo trends

The people from Logo Lounge have done it again. They’ve recently published a new report about the 2014 Logo Trends. To accomplish this they’ve examined last year’s entries, 24,500 in total, out of the 212,000 logo examples which are hosted on their website.

2014 Logo Trends

Image Source:

As Bill Gardner, the report’s author, has very well observed the surge in smartphone usage had greatly influenced all the facets of design, including, of course, the logo layout. Simple, flat, restrictive detail and hand-made are some of the main influences found in the newly analysed creations.

This new report, as well as all the past ones, doesn’t come with the intention of showing designers what they should do to be “trendy”, only to present a snapshot of what’s happening in the industry in a given period of time. Also as the author clearly pointed out: “Perhaps the greatest value of these reports is to enable designers to map out the trajectory of specific styles, concepts, techniques and solutions. Once a chain of design evolution is identified, it is much simpler to forecast and design the next step in the sequence.”

Lego, bricks and designs

A friend from Florida, USA asked me, not long ago, to design a new logo for his store, Capital City Bricks, which is as an online retailer providing genuine Lego parts.

Since I also love building and creating new layouts with Lego bricks, it was with great pleasure that I’ve embraked onto this new mission.

My friend said he wants his store’s logo to have a similar colour scheme with Florida State University, one of Tallahassee’s main public universities. The city has been established in 1824 and is Florida’s capital ever since. It carries forward an important and rich Native American legacy, especially from the Seminole Indians. This is why I’ve used feathers similar to the ones attached to original Indian spears, to make the brick from Option 1 take flight to new heights. >>>


The second option was meant not only as an attractive layout of embracing Cs, but their position and closeness relative to the brick was determined so that they make up the infinity symbol, as a statement about the store’s continuing relationship with the Lego universe. >>>


As for the third option, the winning entry, I aimed to create a layout that would look great on a large array of products, ranging from social media avatars, websites and shirts to coffee cups. I wanted something that’s memorable, but which also clearly defines the store’s area of expertise. The fact that the brick breaks out of the inner circle is meant to show that the overall provided service is leading the way through outstanding value. >>>


All the above shown options have been wholeheartedly appreciated and as my friend said, it’s been a truly difficult task to pick the winner. 🙂

Nature’s got talent

Some people will try to find logical and mathematical answers for how snowflakes are made, while others will say they represent more evidence of God’s wonderful creations. No matter which side you choose to embrace, the obvious truth is that a snowflake is another example of nature’s miracles, that we often take for granted or not even notice, due to our busy lifestyles.

Here are a few examples of awesome ice crystals:

snowflake image

Image Source: chaoticmind75

snowflake image

Image Source: chaoticmind75

snowflake image

Image Source: chaoticmind75

For detailed information about the technique used to capture these snowflake images and many others, please go to Alexey Kljatov’s blog article. It’s guaranteed you’ll be amazed! If not, then make an urgent appointment with a cardiologist, it looks like your heart is frozen. 🙂

Happy 2014

May you all be brighter, happier, healthier and full of creative juice in the new year!


There’s only going to be one 2014 year in our lives, so let’s make it count! 🙂

Newsletters with a twist

Whether your company wants to announce the launch of a new and revolutionary product/service or your client is just looking to promote his/her latest deals, the email newsletters are quite useful marketing tools for accomplishing all these.

No matter if you’re a pro when it comes to designing newsletters or you’re just trying to learn the ropes of it, there’s something for everyone in Design Shack’s article, called “Simple Tips for Designing a Newsletter Template That Stands Out”.


Image Source:

In the end, nobody wants to waste her/his time trying to create something that gets thrown in the bin the next second after it’s viewed. So don’t just rely on generic email templates, better go and design your custom/special/awesome layout to really impress the target audience.

Logo Trends – past and future

For the past ten years, LogoLounge keeps on looking into the trends displayed by graphic designers, from all around the world, when it comes to logo design. The site had over 207,000 logos in its vaults, when this post was written, so they should know what they’re talking about.


Image Source:

For this year’s compelling review, Bill Gardner examined more than 20,000 logos, and identified fifteen major identity design trends.

The stated intention of the report is certainly not to tell you how to craft appealing logos this year or over the next one, but only to show you what other designers are doing and how we may be influenced in our works, sometimes even without knowing it. 🙂

Designs that will make your mouth water

With just a few more days before the start (October) of Sydney International Food Festival, Australia’s largest food celebration, here are a few designs to excite your taste buds.

The creative collection of food photography has been developed by the Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA, and they’ve done a great job in putting together 18 national flags from the foods each country is usually associated with.

Australia’s flag – made from meat pie and sauce


Image Source:

United Kingdom’s flag – made from scone, cream and jam


Image Source:

Italy’s flag – made from basil, pasta and tomatoes


Image Source:

Have a look here for more details about this project and to see all the delicious flags. 🙂

Social Media Sizing Deciphered

Have you ever wondered what’s the exact cover photo size for Facebook to get it right, without any automatic resizing or cropping? What about your Twitter profile picture or header image dimensions? And do you know all the specifications for Google+ latest redesign of profiles?

Even if you said yes to one or all of the above questions, there are so many other numbers and sizes to remember, when it comes to social networks.

So if you plan to stay on top of the social media’s photo and video specifications, and here I mean: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, just visit LunaMetrics’ sizing cheat sheet.


Image Source:

The best thing about this link is that the author promised to update the sizes once they get changed on any of the included websites. That means it should become your future go-to reference for always up-to-date social media sizing. 🙂