Changing times

We’re getting closer and closer to another year’s end and as always that’s a good time to reflect on milestones, key moments and where we’re going.

That’s also a good opportunity to see how much things have changed in a given amount of time.

Let’s think a bit about the Internet, that we all take for granted these days. If you’re curious to see the speed of change in our modern society, then please head over to the thought-provoking report prepared by WebpageFX.


Image Source: WebpageFX

You get the chance to discover through infographics, like the one above, when was the very first email sent and how many are sent nowadays, when was the first domain name registered and how many are already live now, or when was uploaded online the first photo and how many are currently transfered through the huge world wide web.

All these and many other exciting Internet-related facts, and the stories behind them, are now just a click away. 🙂