Incoming World Cup goodies

There are just a few more days left before the start of FIFA World Cup 2014, hosted this year by Brazil. Since it’s “the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world”, according to Wikipedia, I thought it might be really useful, to all the football fans and their clients, to prepare a compilation of design resources, infographics and tutorials about this highly acclaimed competition.

World Cup Official Logo Designs – from the inaugural tournament, held by Uruguay in 1930, all the way to present day


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World Cup Official Mascots – they’ve only showed up on the “catwalk” starting with Willie in England (1966), but then they’ve been a constant presence, including this year’s Fuleco


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World Cup Infographics – plentfy of history, statistics and trivia


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World Cup Flag Icon Sets – lots of different flag shapes, sizes and styles


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World Cup Design Resources – fonts, vector illustrations, icons and tutorials


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Enjoy the matches and GO SOCCEROOS !!!