New logo trends

The people from Logo Lounge have done it again. They’ve recently published a new report about the 2014 Logo Trends. To accomplish this they’ve examined last year’s entries, 24,500 in total, out of the 212,000 logo examples which are hosted on their website.

2014 Logo Trends

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As Bill Gardner, the report’s author, has very well observed the surge in smartphone usage had greatly influenced all the facets of design, including, of course, the logo layout. Simple, flat, restrictive detail and hand-made are some of the main influences found in the newly analysed creations.

This new report, as well as all the past ones, doesn’t come with the intention of showing designers what they should do to be “trendy”, only to present a snapshot of what’s happening in the industry in a given period of time. Also as the author clearly pointed out: “Perhaps the greatest value of these reports is to enable designers to map out the trajectory of specific styles, concepts, techniques and solutions. Once a chain of design evolution is identified, it is much simpler to forecast and design the next step in the sequence.”