Lego, bricks and designs

A friend from Florida, USA asked me, not long ago, to design a new logo for his store, Capital City Bricks, which is as an online retailer providing genuine Lego parts.

Since I also love building and creating new layouts with Lego bricks, it was with great pleasure that I’ve embraked onto this new mission.

My friend said he wants his store’s logo to have a similar colour scheme with Florida State University, one of Tallahassee’s main public universities. The city has been established in 1824 and is Florida’s capital ever since. It carries forward an important and rich Native American legacy, especially from the Seminole Indians. This is why I’ve used feathers similar to the ones attached to original Indian spears, to make the brick from Option 1 take flight to new heights. >>>


The second option was meant not only as an attractive layout of embracing Cs, but their position and closeness relative to the brick was determined so that they make up the infinity symbol, as a statement about the store’s continuing relationship with the Lego universe. >>>


As for the third option, the winning entry, I aimed to create a layout that would look great on a large array of products, ranging from social media avatars, websites and shirts to coffee cups. I wanted something that’s memorable, but which also clearly defines the store’s area of expertise. The fact that the brick breaks out of the inner circle is meant to show that the overall provided service is leading the way through outstanding value. >>>


All the above shown options have been wholeheartedly appreciated and as my friend said, it’s been a truly difficult task to pick the winner. 🙂