The power of smell

Here’s the outcome of a project I’ve finished recently. I’ve enjoyed working on these quite a lot and I’m proud of the final cards. They look even better when printed at high-resolution. 🙂

Brief: Express a ‘user’ experience through the human sense of smell

Client: Floriade

Examples: Tulips, Parsley and Pansies

In order to create the initial concept, I tried to reproduce the way our brain identifies an invisible and intangible and translates it into a perception and lastly into an emotion. I came up with the idea of using “smoke” that wraps around and, at the same time, defines the inner structure of each chosen flower.

Also, by mentally playing with the words that define the physical process of smelling, I realized that the word “bulb” has a double meaning in this case: flower bulb and olfactory bulb (the neural circuit that transmits smell information from the nose to the brain) and I can use this to create a catching slogan: “Tantalize your smell bulbs, like never before!”

Card 1 – Face >

Card 1 – Reverse >

Card 2 – Face >

Card 2 – Reverse >

Card 3 – Face >

Card 3 – Reverse >

No matter if you love or can’t stand the concept, your constructive feedback is always appreciated. 🙂

2 responses to “The power of smell

  1. Adina

    Awesome, I had not seen what that assignment ended-up being 🙂 ! It smells GREAT 😉

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