What type of designer am I?

That’s the kind of question that all of us (who work in this area) have asked ourselves, or at least should have, at some point in time. And the sooner, the better. Why? Because it really pays off in the long run to know where we’re heading and how we want to promote ourselves in the industry and in front of our clients.

Image Source: Fotolia.com

It mainly comes down to choosing between being a Jack of All Trades vs. Specialist in One Area. There are different kind of perks up for grabs, but also compromises to be made no matter which way we choose.

You can find an excellent article here, with lots of pros and cons on both sides, and enough ideas to get you thinking well about the choices you might make tomorrow or the ones you’ve already made.

In the end it all depends on personal circumstances and career goals. Either way, go for the path that makes you happy and enjoy your professional life! 🙂


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